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Solidarity Travel

India is unique and manifold. With such a special civilisation it strongly attracts travellers, disturbs most, yet always rewards them with rich and enlightening experience.

We offer a way to travel which shows India from a perspective other than that conveyed by documentaries and the media, i.e. over-population, poverty and unbearable hardship, or in contrast booming technological development.

Indeed India is a country of opposites and these two contrasting facets intermingle and coexist; yet beyond them the country's ancient traditional culture is still alive and kicking. It is this cultural and human wealth that we want to highlight through solidarity travel. Along with a touristic visit of India's prestigious sites, we offer a genuine encounter with this country, its inhabitants, its traditions and its culture.

According to your chosen time period, you will be able to attend music and dance festivals, traditional celebrations, pilgrimages and spiritual meetings. If you are interested in tourism you will be able to visit monuments, stunning sites and magnificient mythical cities. If you so wish, you can also take part in some actions run by our association or its partners. And we can even support you with the organisation of a trip more focused on a specific aspect of Indian culture, such as training in ayurvedic massage, yoga, music, dance etc...

Our concept of "travel support" offers simple and authentic discovery with minimum comfort and ease of travel, and without the hassle of having to arrange a trip on your own. Thus it guarantees joy of discovery and genuine encounters whilst insuring your independence. It is aimed both for those people who have never yet travelled to India and want to be accompanied for their first experience, and for those who want to keep some freedom while taking advantage of our logistic support, our knowledge and our experience of India.

In response to various types of demand, we offer two forms of travel support:

(1) Travel arrangement support without accompaniment in India

We help you organise your trip before you go: choice of itinerary, train or plane booking, and hotel or guesthouse booking. We can also put you in contact with reliable local guides and friends in India; we will give you advice and useful information to make sure that you can travel safely.

If necessary we also give visa application support.

We stay in touch with travellers if they wish.

(2) Total or partial travel support

This option, as well as dealing with travel arrangements as detailed above, also offers accompaniment in India by a group leader during the whole or part of the stay for a group of at least 3 people.

The itinerary is selected in partnership with the association, not only according to the participants' wishes but also by taking our associative actions in India into account - for instance a birthday to celebrate, cultural events, social actions, festivals, concerts, etc...

On certain occasions some of the association's Indian friends may join the group.

During these trips we facilitate contact with actors of Indian life, on-the-field associations, artists, friends etc... We may also introduce the social actions of our association to the participants so that those who so wish can get involved or help according to their interests and abilities.

Our approach is different because we also help you to gather the information you will require if you wish to carry on travelling alone afterwards. In a way it is a bit like training. We share addresses, contacts, tips and advice so that travellers can become completely autonomous if they wish to extend their trip of if they want to come back to India at a later date.

Practical arrangements

We are not a travel or tourism agency.

Travellers choose their airline, their flight and book their ticket themselves. It is important that the members of the group coordinate their arrival in India over a period of 24 hours at most. During the trip they are free to do what they want in their free time except when we travel from one place to the next all together. Travellers are by no means forced to participate in the activities, visits, meetings etc. which we propose.

Regarding daily expenses in India, travellers pay for their own accommodation, meals, leisure activities and travel expenses.

For practical reasons we cannot make the bookings in participants' names; however the association doesn't take any commission or profit on these services.

The standard of accommodation and travel we propose ensures comfort and quality at a reasonable price, most often in modest hotels or guesthouses. Daily expenses will thus amount to an average of €20. Participants are free to book accommodation of a different standard if they prefer.

Price of a trip around India

At the moment, the cheapest return Paris-Delhi flight tickets with Air India cost around €600-700. We advise our travellers to buy multi-risk rapatriation insurance with their flight ticket or to check if it is included with their credit card.

If required we will also offer assistance with visa applications. For French citizens a tourist visa costs €62.

According to our estimation a 15-day trip costs around €1300, flight and visa included.

Places we have already visited include

In the north: Delhi, Agra (Taj Mahal), Varanasi, Rishikesh, Haridwar (Kumbh Mela), Gangotri (source of the river Ganges), Amritsar (the Sikh Golden Temple), Kolkata (Calcutta), Ganga Sagar (mouth of the river Ganges), Khajuraho (Kama Sutra temples).

In the west: Mumbai, Ganeshpuri, Valsad (Gujarat).

In Rajasthan: Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Pushkar, Udaipur, Ranakpur (Jain temples), Mount Abu.

In the south: Mamallapuram, Pondichery, Tiruvanamallai, Goa, Gokarna, Hampi.

We also know Nainital, Omkareshwar, Ujjain, Puri, Trumbakeshwar, Madurai, Mangalore, Periyar and Kerala.


For more information, and if you wish to travel with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.