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We stand with the material difficulties of India and love its culture, but we cannot ignore its spirituality, for it pervades India as well as the heart of our life. This is why we also invite others to meet spiritual masters.

Latest meeting

In July 2013 we welcomed Shivshankar Singh, who is Swami Nardanand's brother and the successor of Maa Chetan Jyoti's ashram (founder of the C.J.Maa Music School in Rishikesh).

On June 17, a deluge fell upon the high valleys of the Ganges sweeping away houses, animals and people. This was hardly mentioned by the French media. We were planning to go to this region in October but it became inaccessible, so instead we decided to go where we can to bring some financial support to affected villagers. We raised funds for this mission throughout the summer, starting on Wednesday 10 July with a friendly evening at our house. On the agenda, some devotional songs (bhajans) with Shivshankar, followed by a shared meal and a Blues concert with our friends Ernie and Pete who had just arrived from Florida.

The Siddhashram and Swami Nardanand joined us and sold some kirtan CDs, a part of which was donated towards this action. At the end of the summer we had managed to collect the great sum of 1025 € - Thank you so much!

To find out about what we did with the money, visit Ganges Floods 2013.

Shivshankar Singh
Shivshankar Singh

Past years:


From Saturday 25 to Wednesday 29 June:
Spiritual meeting with Swami Nardanand

Following our trip to India we were delighted to welcome in our home Swami Nardanand, who lead a meeting weekend followed by a three-day retreat. Swami Nardanand comes from a line of authentic spiritual masters. We stayed at his Siddha Ashram in Ujjain in January 2011 and were deeply moved by his teaching of real depth and freedom. This is why we took advantage of his coming to Europe to organise a meeting with him on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 June, for those who wanted to meet him and discover this path. Then, a retreat was held with him from Sunday 26 to Wednesday 29 June for students already committed and for those who wished to know this path more deeply.

Click here to see the programme in French (.pdf file).

And before:

Swami Nityananda (December 2008)

Lee Lozowick (August 2008)

Swami Maa Chetan Jyoti (June 2007)