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Current partners

Act & Help / Ashadiya Foundation
(Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh)

Since March 2016, we have been funding guitar lessons for 5 young boys as part of the educational programs of the French association Act & Help and its Indian partner Ashadiya.

Links to Act & Help and Ashadiya Foundation

Bénarès Amitié
(Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh)

Siou and her association work towards creating and running free clinics for the 400 inhabitants of two slums, as well as ensuring medical check-ups for the homeless in Varanasi. She also facilitates more specific check-ups and emergency interventions. The sales of 300 of our CDs "Undaway" helped funding the set-up of her project. Our association also funds part of her rent, and someone sponsors her actions.

Link to Bénarès Amitié

Friends in Khajuraho
(Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh)

Our vice-president Violette Soni lives in Khajuraho with her Indian husband Vijay. In June 2017, they founded their association (French 'loi de 1901' association), in order to  allow the local population to live with dignity in a healthy environment through adequate education and resources.

Their projects include:
  • The creation of a school of English, environmental awareness and artistic awakening for the children of the old village of Khajuraho,
  • Sponsoring actions, including the schooling of disadvantaged children,
  • An ecofriendly promise for their community,
  • A literacy class in a village 2 km away from Khajuraho,
  • Clothing distributions for poor families around Khajuraho.,
  • A cloth bags project to minimise the use of plastic bag and empower local women.

  • Please note that they are currently looking for volunteers; if this is of any interest to you, please click here!

    We are looking forward to our partnership with them.

    Links to Friends in Khajuraho and their news blog.


    Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to support one of these projects.

    Previous partnerships

    Ramnagar Centre for Boys
    in partnership with Jimy Library, D-Foundation & Ali Baba and You!

    (Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh)

    From 2008 to 2016, the associations Jimy Library and D-Foundation took care of the boys held in a governmental centre located in Ramnagar, across the river Ganges in Varanasi. The number of children living there varies between fourty and fifty. Most of them have been placed there because the police found them on a train without a ticket or wandering the streets where they had lived for a while.

    Our Swiss friend "Ali Baba" is still running a mecanics workshop in the Ramnagar centre in order to ensure a future for the boys. We gave him 200 CDs "Mata Ganga ki Jay" in the beginning so he could launch his program. The children are very fond of him; in fact they actually gave him this nickname!

    Between 2010 and 2016 we too were active in this centre. Whenever Jérôme was in India, he regularly went to Ramnagar to get the boys singing and we regularly organises shows there. In February 2012, the Mata Ganga Orchestra played in concert for the boys. From 2013 to 2016, Jérôme ran some exchanges between the Ramnagar boys and the children from the schools in which he taught music in France. He composed some specific songs which were sung by the Indian and the French children, and the connection was made thanks to exchanged drawings and videos.

    This partnership ended for practical reasons.

    Links to Jimy Library, D-Foundation & Ali Baba and You!


    C.J. Maa Music School
    (Rishikesh, Uttarakhand)

    Maa Chetan Jyoti, an Indian woman of Canadian origin, realised her wildest dream in 2005: she offered an Indian music school to local children in Rishikesh. She appointed musician Shivananda Sharma, who after Maa's death in 2008, has managed to maintain the school alive despite great financial difficulty.

    We sold two hundred CDs "Mata Ganga ki Jay" in order to support this music school. We worked towards furnishing and maintaining the music instruments in good condition, we funded the school's registration as an association into Indian law, and for some time the classroom rent. On the musical side of things, we used to organise workshops with violinist Sukhdev Mishra of Banaras for those pupils who were learning violin, and we have organised concerts in Rishikesh and Haridwar.

    Link to C.J. Maa Music School