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  • Violin and vocal workshops with Sukhdev Mishra
  • Studio recording in Varanasi

  • The Mata Ganga Orchestra adventure continues in India with the Indian part of the band. During Jérôme's stay in India in the autumn 2013 we invited the Rishikesh students and their teacher Shivananda Sharma in Varanasi from 22 to 27 October. Our goal was, in order to keep the flame going, to practise with Sukhdev Mishra who ran some violin and vocal workshops, and to record a few pieces of our programme with Vio also at the Mahadev Digital Studio.

    Although the Rishikesh musicians were only available for a short time we were very happy with our initiative, which was as pleasant as it was productive. After just two days at the studio, we recorded OM, Tarana (Bhairavi) and Taj Mahal. The youngsters were very excited with their new musical experience.

    Recording at the Mahadev Digital Studio, Varanasi
    Recording at the Mahadev Digital Studio
    Some photos because we love it!


  • Screening of the 2 documentaries in France

  • The two documentaries have already been projected at the Quercy cinema in Cahors (24 January 2014) and in the Hall de Paris in Moissac (18 April 2014). Both evenings were very successful.


    Mata Ganga Orchestra Tour Part 1 (a film by Nahum Ingrand)
    February 2012: The Partage et Culture Sarasvati association invites 8 young musiciens from the Cahors music school to India. In Rishikesh they meet the young musicians from the C.J. Maa Music School and unite to form the Mata Ganga Orchestra. After a week of discovery and musical exchange they present an original repertoire in concert with their music teacher and Banaras violin maestro Sukhdev Mishra, in Rishikesh then in Varanasi. The visit of the Taj Mahal is a highlight of the journey. Nahum Ingrand, young video maker from Toulouse, captured beautiful images from the trip and strong moments from this musical, cultural and human exchange.

    Mata Ganga Orchestra Tour Part 2 (a film by Pierre-Jérôme Atger)
    February 2013: The aventure goes on... Eleven young Indians from the C.J.Maa Music School land in Paris. In Cahors they reunite with their French friends for the sequel of the Mata Ganga Orchestra tour. Hosted by the Cahors music school and the French families, they perform in Cahors, in the south west of France and in Paris before saying goodbye on the steps of the Montmartre basilica. Pierre-Jérôme Atger who filmed the discovery of France by the young Indians.

    These two documentaries immerse us in the joy of this shared experience and the excitement experienced by the players of this unique project. It is a testimony of a human exchange beyond cultures through a universal art: music.

    Taj Mahal 2012

    Montmartre 2013