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The CDs
One of the way we finance our solidarity actions is by producing and selling CDs. The principle is simple: Jérôme writes some songs, composes and arranges music inspired by our travels, then he teaches the songs to the pupils of the primary schools and the music school in which he works. Finally he records the songs with the children at the auditorium in Cahors and thus produces a CD. The children are happy to take part in this kind of project, and of course their parents subscribe to buying the CD, which is thus payed out before it comes out. We distribute the CDs for free to associations we know to be implied in solidarity work in India or Nepal. We keep a few CDs which we sell ourselves to finance specific actions.

La Route pour la Paix (released in 2015)
La Route de la Paix "La Route de la Paix" ('The Road to Peace') is the result of a project run by the schools of Pradines and Laroque des Arcs, in collaboration with the Cahors Music School and the Cahors Mundi association. Its reference is the creation of the first Road to Peace after World War II, the declaration of Cahors "city of the world" and the creation of the Citizens of the World.

The children wrote and composed the songs under Jérôme's direction, our association produced the CD, and the children took part in the festival "Visages du monde" in Cahors.

Amis Ennemis
C'est une Grande Chance
Faites la Paix

Ganga Mata ki Jay (released in 2010)

Ganga Mata ki Jay We initiated this project in partnership with the Conservatoire of Grand Cahors and some local primary schools. It has allowed us to carry out musical exchange as well as solidarity work with a music school in Rishikesh, CJ Maa Music School.

In addition we have distributed 200 CDs to fund the opening of a mechanic training workshop in a governmental detention centre for boys in Varanasi, also taken care of by the associations Jimy Library and D-Foundation.

You can find more information on this CD (in French) in the following article: Association Partage & Culture Sarasvati / "Mata Ganga ki Jay" Un nouveau CD (Le Petit Journal - April 2010).

01 - Ganga River:
02 - Comme un ballon dans l'air:
06 - Si loin le pays:
10 - Oh la la qu'il fait beau:

And also...
Info on the musical tale
Si Loin le Pays
with songs from "Ganga Mata ki Jay"
Si Loin le Pays (affiche)

Undaway (released in 2007)
Undaway "Undaway", that's "on the way" with Suresh's accent, an Indian rickshaw driver who took us round Rajasthan.

We released 1000 copies of this CD to raise funds towards running a free clinic in Banaras slums, setting up water pumps and planting fruit trees in untouchable villages of Uttar Pradesh. It was also dedicated to helping Puja, a 6-year old homeless and motherless girl, who at the time lived on the banks of the Ganges in Banaras. The CD sales covered her boarding costs in a foster home as well as her school registration.

"Undaway" contains traditional Indian and Nepalese music, as well as street sounds and songs written during our journey round India in 2005. The songs are sung by the children's choir of Jeanne d'Arc school accompanied by local musicians and teachers of the Pays de Cahors music school.

My guest

Chansons pour les enfants du monde (released 2004)
Chansons pour les enfants du monde We released this CD to help street children and orphans in Katmandu (Nepal).
(sold out)
To read more on the story of this CD (in French), you can download the project information document in .pdf file: page 1 & page 2.

Chanson des elfes:
Dernière étape:
Gar gata gabyo:
Le pont valentré:
Les couleurs:
Lou Ma Mai:

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